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Welcome to Week 2 


  • Choose 1 of the 4 questions listed below as your blog post this week.  
  • Identify which question you are responding to in your post by restating the question.
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Instructions for Posting to the Blog 
(Refer to the guidelines in last week's blog post)    
Each week, during the four week time period, I will post “outside of the box” questions based on the assigned chapters.  Each participant will respond to the blog questions of the week, by choosing 1 of the 4 questions.  You are welcome to post as many comments as possible using the digital citizenship guidelines outlined below.  


p. 65-130

Hello and welcome back for week 2 of The Year of the Hangman Book Blog. The action is just starting to heat up and this week you learn more about Ben Franklin's print shop, Creighton's uncle and the secret code used by the Liberty Tree newspaper.


Week 2 - Question #1    

The setting for this portion of the novel is the city of New Orleans. Since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina several years ago, there has been much discussion on the future of this important American city. How do you feel about the rebuilding of the city of New Orleans? Do you think that the government should have spent billions of dollars to rebuild the city of New Orleans and protect it from a future hurricane or should the citizens of New Orleans have been asked to pick up and move somewhere else and the city not be rebuilt?

Week 2 - Question #2    

Sophie and Creighton are given a great deal of responsibility in Ben Franklin's print shop as teenagers. In colonial America, many teenagers around the age of 14 or 15 are doing work and taking responsibility for things that today are often associated with adults. Do you think that in American society today we wait too long to treat teenagers as adults? What would be some pros and cons of allowing teenagers in America to have the full rights and responsibilities of adults at the age of 15?

Week 2 - Question #3    

The code used by Ben Franklin was possible because it used a book that almost everyone in the colonies was able to access. If you were to write a similar code today, which book would you choose (remember that it should be a book almost everyone has access to or could access). In your comment, please list the book you would use and why you would choose that book. Would you use a certain book if you were only trying to include a certain group of people?

Week 2 - Question #4    

In this portion of the book you have been introduced to Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin was truly one of the most important men in colonial America. The amount of inventions and ideas directly associated with this man is incredible. Check out more about Ben Franklin using this link on the Wikipedia and then post a comment describing at least one way that your life today is directly impacted by one of his ideas.


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