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Year of the Hangman

Year of the Hangman
November 2014

Gary Blackwood

Picture Gary L. Blackwood started his writing career as a teen, and has since become a prolific author of novels for both young adults and middle-grade readers, in addition to penning plays and nonfiction. Popular particularly with boys due to their western and history themes, Blackwood's books include the alternate Revolutionary War history The Year of the Hangman, the nonfiction "Bad Guys" series, and his series of adventure novels centering around Elizabethan playwright William Shakespeare and featuring an orphaned teen named Widge.

Read more: Gary L. Blackwood (1945–) Biography - Personal, Career, Honors Awards, Writings, Sidelights - Shakespeare, Review, York, and Book - JRank Articles




Hello and welcome to The Year of the Hangman book blog. We are getting set for the November launch of the book blog. A majority of the participants in this book blog will be students from Lincoln Junior High, but we encourage students, parents, teachers and community members from all over the world to join us as we read this book over four weeks.

Mrs. Neidlinger, an 8th grade Humanities teacher, will be the moderator for this book blog.  While you are getting ready to start the book blog, check out the author, Gary Backwood's site.

Complete the form below, before continuing. 

Instructions for Posting to the Blog    
Each week during the four week time period, I will post “outside of the box” questions based on the assigned chapters.  Each participant will respond to the blog questions of the week, by choosing 1 of the 4 questions.  You are welcome to post as many comments as possible using the digital citizenship guidelines outlined below.   My hope is to create an online conversation about this novel.

Commenting on the blog is easy. Follow these easy steps:

Creating and Maintaining a Safe Space On-line

***When responding to other posts, consider using the following openers as a guide -

*  I noticed.....
*  I liked.....
*  I wonder.....
*  What if.....
*  How might.....


1.  Use others' names when addressing them directly.

2.  Read questions and prior conversations carefully before responding.

3.  Compliment your peers- use the five guides above as openers.

4.  Ask questions - it's always encouraged to spur a conversation on by adding your own question to what's been said.

5.  Be considerate- keep your language direct and respectful.

6.  Avoid slang, jargon, and sarcasm at all times.

7.  Listen to all ideas presented- a variety of perspectives adds depth to a conversation.

8.  Stay open-minded- if you expect others to respect your comments and ideas- you must do the same for them.

9.  Courteously answer all questions addressed directly to you.

10.  Avoid emotional punctuation, such as exclamation points unless it's a compliment, and all caps- it's interpreted as yelling.

If you have any questions about posting or what to expect on this book blog, please e-mail the moderator, Mrs. Neidlinger -

Thanks and lets get this thing started; it should be an exciting journey........

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