Friday, February 21, 2014

Challenge 1- "Write Sideways"

“Let’s Get Blogging”
Student Blogging Challenge 1
Week of 2/24 - 3/2
DIRECTIONS:  Welcome to the first week of our student blogging challenge.  

*  Each Monday a new blogging activity will be posted.  Students will have 3-5 activity choices each week.  During week 1, there will only be 1 activity, which is a “get to know” blog post.  

*  Title:  Each week, identify the challenge in your post title- Example:  “Write Sideways”- Challenge 1. 

*  You will have one week to post your blog and comment on other blog posts using the Blogging Etiquette established for the challenge.  When responding to other posts, click on the Student Blogs -Participant Spreadsheet and choose blogs or class sites from the list provided.  There will also be a list of class sites in the right-hand column of the page.

“Let’s Get Blogging”- Challenge Tips:

Below are a few tips that will help the challenge run more smoothly.

1. Privacy settings - readers not being able to leave comments on posts-

Edublogs or Campus users – So that your visitors can leave comments easily, make sure your blog privacy is set to either:
-  Allow search engines to index this site.
-  Discourage search engines from indexing this site.

Teachers you need to change your privacy as follows:
-  Class blog – change privacy in Settings > Privacy (Edublogs Campus blog)
-  Class blog- change privacy in Settings > Reading (Edublogs Pro blog)
Student blogs attached to My Class – change privacy for student blogs using My Class > Settings.

Students please discuss your blog privacy with your teacher if you are using a student blog.

*  Blogger or Blogspot users – 

-  Please make  sure you have Name/URL as an option for visitors to use when leaving a comment. Not everyone has a Google account. 
-  When someone leaves a comment, moderate your comment rather than have them fill in the anti-spam word.  
-  Comments can also be set to allow anyone to comment.  

*  Kidblog users – Please make sure visitors can read and comment on posts without having to login.

2. Students – please make sure there is a link to your class blog on your sidebar somewhere.

3. Visit other student and class blogs weekly.  You’ll find the student and class blog list here.  When commenting on other blogs, remember to include your URL, in order to build readership on your blog.  

4.  If you want to be reminded when a new post is published, fill in the follow by email gadget.

5.  If your class has its own Twitter account, please remember to use #teach2blog when tweeting about the challenge activities or the posts you have written.  

Challenge 1:  “Write Sideways” 
 (Photo- - Creative Commons) 
As with any new activity, it’s blogging etiquette to introduce yourself to the other bloggers in the group.  Everyone will do the same activity for week 1, as your introduction for the “Let’s Get Blogging” Challenge.

**NOTE:  When introducing yourself, do not state personal information- remember Internet safety guidelines. 

“Write Sideways” Activity:

You’re constantly surrounded by springboards for stories and reflections within your own life. They exist within the experiences you have every day, the memories you hold from yesterday, and the things you’ll see tomorrow.

I believe you can happily embrace the things you know while still giving yourself the opportunity to try new things.  In order for all of us to get to know you better, “write sideways.”  

1.  Choose 3 of the following “sideways” thoughts and blog!  (Yes- you can choose more than 3)

2. Optional:  Insert photos, music, or word clouds, to reflect one or all three writing choices.

(Identify which three you have chosen in your post)

1.  How you came up with the name for your first pet
2.  That time you fell off your bicycle
3.  The book you read and re-read 

4.  The moment when everything in your world changed
5.  Who you think you really are, or could be
6.  What you sing when you think no one is listening
7.  What you would do differently next time
8.  What makes you the happiest
9.  Who you will be ten years from now
10. Who you were five years ago
11. Your deepest fear
12. What you heard out the window
13. What you believe in
14. Your greatest talent
15. Your biggest weakness
16. The place you’ve always wanted to travel to
17. The story your grandfather always told you
18. What makes you the most embarrassed
19. The greatest disappointment of your life
20. How other people would describe you
21. The song you listen to on repeat

Welcome to the challenge.....Happy Blogging!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Student Challenge
Spring 2014

Challenge 1 will begin the week of 2/24/2014

How does the challenge work?

1.  Once everyone completes the registration form, a spreadsheet will be created listing all participants and their URL links.
2.  The blog challenge will be posted on Monday of each week as a new post.  The challenges will be based on student interest based on the feedback during registration.

3.  Students will have a week to post their blog based on the challenge.

4.   Additionally, students will have the opportunity to comment on other student posts throughout the week using the blogging etiquette established for the challenge.  

5.  Students will access other student blog posts from the spreadsheet provided.  

Leave a footprint with your words…..

Blogging develops the 21st century skills of Global collaboration, authentic learning, and digital literacy.

*  Blogging Must Be Authentic:

True blogging should encourage you to explore your own ideas and question the world through your own lens.

*  Blogging Requires an Authentic Audience:

Sharing and expressing ideas globally creates an environment of 21st century digital learning.

*  Blogging Requires Time:

Blogging is a global connection which envelops the passion for writing and communicating on daily basis.  




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